Bulwinkleland in 29 in 2019


The little house in the Mojave Desert

This artist's best friend is not a dog. Then again, perhaps a

dog would have been a better idea. Onward!


One of my first jobs as a kid was as a Teamster's helper on a

delivery truck delivering swamp water all around Boston, Mass.

This job showed me that a healthy, able bodied

human can move an awful lot of tonage if you know

how. Practice makes perfect. Or at least close enough.
































































































































































The Prickley Bitches themselves. Nice.



















Desert tin cans savaged from an old dump in the desert

Some new signature Bulwinkle cut steel screens

Very old Bulwinkle stuff for sale at HHM&A in Joshua Tree


The gate to Harrison House in Joshua Tree made from

salvaged beams from the San Francisco Bay Bridge

On the road again

Just another Rigger Trick is all


Ahhh. Be careful what you pray for.

Fish over at Rolo's Taylor Junction in Joshua Tree

Lou Harrison's old home in Joshua Tree


Enrico's band stand in the desert

Rude Paintings!





With a little cheap whiskey and a sturdy hand truck a body

might be able to move a pyramid. Maybe I'll try it, no?

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