The Cabildo Woodcuts


The USS Cabildo


The Rogue River


A Story in Wood


Bob Smith Airlines


And what follows are the

100 woodcuts I created after

drifting through the wilderness

of the Rogue River in 1980, then

later working 12 hour shifts as a

welder on the USS Cabildo,

which the Navy later used as

a target ship and sunk. "Life

is hard. And then you die."

For some more than others,

Johnny Winter,

and don't but life take time.


Up the Creek


When spring of 1981

rolled around I began to

print those woodcuts with

ink and a hand barren. I printed six of each on

22" x 30" BFK rag paper.

Me oh my, I still have a

few left. They are $300

each or $15,000 for the

whole set of one hundred.

Hurry and get yours

before they are all gone!

-Mark E. Bulwinkle-


What Drives Me?


Wilderness Air


Wood Man


Willy Be


Bob Smith and River King


Bob Smith's SUV


Boco Loco


Boiler Car


Boiler Man


Boiler Man Too


Boiler Dog


Problem Solving




A Cow Eating




Checker Man




Coffee Brake


Crackin' Up


Da Genius


Death At Sea


Depresssion Man


Fine Dining




A Small Fish


Nature Sex


Me Eating


Edith Sitwell


Fish Catcher


Fish Man


Flying Away


Flying High


Good Cooking


The Communicators


Happy Boy




Happy Dog




Him's Brother


Homeland Insecurity


Homeland Security


Hungry Dog


Hungry Horsey


The Terrorist


Injection Mouth




Jimmy Reisdorf


You And Me


Life Is Hard


Lost At Sea


Mad Dog


Marky B.


Eater Woman


Final Final


Attacker Family




Eye See You


Moving Along


Too Little Too Late


Music Woman Mad


Table Setting


Belle At The Plinker


Old Earl


Old Roy


What Drives Him?


A Pipe Dream


Johnny T


Bob Smith's Son


A Primitive Man


His Last Ride


Stylin' Man




Scrotum Face Man


Takin a Shit


Down She Goes


Snail Man


Snake Head Man


Bird Town


Sugar Babe


Sun Man








The Lover


Music Woman


She Dream Bad


Indigestion Man


B.J. Girl


Him's Sister


The New Cat


The Old Dog


Tits On the Brain


The Girlfriend


Together Again


Travel Man


True Love


Call 911


Tung Kiss


The End


Take me outa here