My Norumbega Park

Mark Bulwinkle's studio and art gallery

deep in the Mojave Desert of California

Many may ask, "Why?" I ask, "What for?"


November 2017

June 2020

Desert Spirits and UFOs

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- July of 2017 -

"You can't always get what you want

But if you try sometimes, you just might find

You get what you need"

Desert Pics from Bulwinkle Land at 29

Desert Blooms

Desert Solitaire in 29

Winter in Joshua Tree



The Cholla Garden in Joshua Tree National Park


October of 2017 under big moon


Flame cut steel screens in my bedroom. I don't use no plasma-

laser-computer. My torch was my pen and my forklift my spine.



November of 2017, just purchased home/studio, gallery





And one year later

Sculpture by Kieth North

1977 Bulwinkles with an air condtioner at

Rolo's Art Trap, in Joshua Tree, California

Don't look back, but...

The Grim Reaper is gaining on me, slowly on.


Caretaker/Gardener Mark Bulwinkle


Old friend and neighbor John Abduljaami

A very, very fine artist no longer living on this planet


Me rendered in flame cut steel 20 years ago


Debby the horse in my studio/livingroom


Steel screens from the late nineteen nineties

Flame cut steel


The Peaceable Kingdom


The Bird Trees


Lonesome Ocotillo on the Sonoran Desert side


With considerably qualified affection this place is

known to the U.S. Marine Corps as 29 Stumps...


The plants here will attack you with fishhook spears


On the other hand, extreme adversity can make a very

safe and happy home... for some. Cactus Wren nest in

a very healthy Cholla (sticker Bush) cactus


With that, I bid you for now a

a very peaceful goodnight, Gracie.


Oh, my, this again! January of 2018


Fun rakin' sand in the back forty and...

Now in 2020



Stuff Grows














Stuff Grows

Home owner Mark surveying his rescued plants

while waiting for the tide to come back in... someday


Early morning in winter up in the park


Somewhere out in Arizona it is weather


An oasis out beyond the end of my road

And a safe harbor

From ominous desert weather


Early morning in winter up in Joshua Tree National Park


And equally ominous desert spirits

Desert Solitaire in 29

My Norumbega Park in 2020

Desert Spirits

Dare to be Dumb