Sexy Seventies Postcard Collection

Shown here are twenty reproductions of large silk screen prints created by Mark Bulwinkle in the early 1970's. I have reproduced them commercially as 4x6" postcards and they are printed on a sturdy thick card stock and look very much as you see them here. I offer the complete set of 20 cards for sale for $40.00. This price includes handling, postage and shipping. Just use the convenient PayPal button at the bottom of this page and have my version of the roaring seventies arrive in your mailbox soon!


All contents copyright Mark Bulwinkle, first publication, 2010

Brooklyn Bob

Van Gogh's Ghost


The Califano's

Farm Fun


Sinthia and Dan

Toilet Bowl Man

Stoner Man

The News Man

Pete Delano

True Love


Play Land

Speeder Man

Last Supper

Periscope Man

The Other People


Log Man

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